At Tailored Prestige Wines we help sporting clubs and charities around Australia raise much needed funds – through wine sales.

We take the time to sit down and understand the challenges and requirements that clubs and charities have and work with them to develop a sales plan that can drive sales and volume, to raise money that can benefit them moving forward.

Running a club and a charity is challenging and expensive.  At Tailored Prestige Wines we help clubs raise much needed money by reaching out to their players, supporters, members and sponsors and work with them to drive case sales of wine.


Our wine comes with a label personalised to your club and the wine is from the renowned Limestone Coast region.  This year we have a 2013 Shiraz and a 2014 Sauvignon Blanc that has won numerous awards.



Click here to hear Simon Payne, Managing Director of Tailored Prestige Wines on SEN1116 talk about their wine fundraising business and how they have helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for clubs, charities and organisations across Australia. Click here to listen.